Flight - To The Business (Official Audio)

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Kol 2020.
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  • the beat he stole was respect my crypin by blueface

  • Trash

  • why yuh stole girlhefunnyaf44 lyrics

  • Gives me @girlhefunnyaf44 vibes

  • Give girlhefunnyaf his credit foo

  • Why you steal girlhefunnyaf44 lyrics

  • i love how the comments on Flights song all mention him stealing lyrics from a girlhefunnyaf. its like a reunion of all his subs😂😂

  • Best song of the album 💿 !

  • stealing lyrics, boy you suck

  • Just listen to Girlhefunnyaf44. His music is way better and it's not stolen. How you steal sumn from him and make it worse flight?

  • How you gonna say yeah you can copy but there's only gonna be one me when you the one copying?

  • My dude really stole my boys lyrics and claims he is a lyricist lmao

  • This song ass

  • Everybody saying he stealing lyrics can y'all just enjoy the song

  • you stole his lycris

  • FTC is legendary yo it is February 🔥🐬

  • This trash lmao





  • Walking L

  • how you posting this on apple LOL I use to watch this guy bare

  • This shit so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • oh hell naw that's girlhefunny lyrics you punk

  • damn these comments😂

  • he’s, like, not even on the beat

  • Pxssy

  • 1:25 "yeah you can copy, but theres only gonna be one me" bruh you stole @girlhefunnyaf lyrics, just how you gon call yourself out 🤣🤣 also offbeat, im sorry bro, this aint it. 9k likes 4k dislikes lmao

  • Now if he ever writes something 100 percent from himself, no one would ever believe it.

  • bruh fake ass stealing content from @girlhefunnyaf4

  • FLIGHT I WAS VIBIN UNTIL I FOUND OUT YOU STOLE LYRICS....cmon man do better..You basketball career already failed...

  • Y’all really surprised he stole lyrics 😂 He literally using zamasu theme from dragon ball z if you know about super you know zamasu stole gokus body and fused with him 😂 he’s fully aware of what he’s doing! He just didn’t think people would catch on

  • U lame ass hell for that buddy stealing my cousin lyrics come on bro do better than that tf

  • #stalin

  • girlhefunnyaf44 needs his boxing match

  • Wonder who ever says “yooo put on some fight reacts”


  • Flight do be stealing girlhefunnyaf lyrics

  • This nigga really rapping on my city beat

  • He even stole from DBZ😂😭

  • Look at flight man 🔥

  • Lyrics in this song are stolen #copyrighted then how you steal fire lyrics and still make the song ass

  • stolen😂

  • u stole lyrics u lame kid

  • Trashhhh

  • he stole @girlhefunnyaf44 lyrics

  • lmao stelling lyric

  • dang these lyrics not even his they @girlhefunnyaf44 lyrics.

  • So trash had to steal music, and the song still wasnt good. lmfao goofies i swear . F .

  • Flight ✈️ why do you steal lyrics I’m kinda a fan but when you stole lyrics I kinda went back too new type people

  • 0:40 FLIGHT STOLE GIRLHEFUNNYAF Lyrics I don’t smoke weed with my shoes off if it’s laced

  • How you gonna steal someone lyrics xD sad bro

  • I know he did stole the lyrics but this still fire

  • Wow he just stole girlhefunny lyrics... He really didn't think people would notice lmao. This song is just plain garbage and even with girlhefunny lyrics it's still trash. Pathetic. I bet he won't never have real a rap career because all his music is shit and all he does in his music is steal people lyrics (I wonder how many more people he stolen lyrics from).... Be original.

  • Mans jacking lyrics

  • Y’all know the reason he got no ads in this cause he can’t make money off of something that not his

  • This isn’t his song 😂.

  • did this man's teachers tell him that plagiarism is bad???

  • He stole girl he funny lyrics and blue face. Flow

  • Stealing lyrics cmon now flight

  • You such a loser bro glad I got ad block on just take the video down you didn’t even have the sense enough to switch it up while you steal

  • cuhhh stole every damn lyric lol

  • On some humble shit? You not even humble you stealing lyrics lmao so many catching you slipping and trippin

  • When you steal lyrics throughout your WHOLE SONG LMAOOOO

  • The only parts that are good are the girlhefunny parts

  • The best song still riding

  • stop stealing bruv

  • tbh dis song funny asf cuh itz offbeat

  • Flight your wack for stealing girlhefunny s**t

  • Stolen lyrics ❌

  • This beat is weird

  • this song sucks. i'd rather listen to rich white man

  • He stole lyric

  • It’s crazy how he took girlhefunny lyrics I never thought flight would do that😱🤣

  • Flight taking everything from everybody stg just be funny and stop rapping.

  • Imagine stealing lyrics from a good song and your song still coming out trash 🤢😑

  • wow you out here going out sad jacking lyrics nd shit

  • Verse fyee


  • biggest clown LMAO taking hella Ls

  • Stealing lyrics and stealing character designs, goodness what’s happening to having some good ole originality or at least having some type of image for yourself that can be unique. It’s honestly the same thing over and over with some of these artist. Like at this point I’m not even mad they hire ghost artist because it’d be better then stealing someone else’s hard work.

  • My mans out here stealing lyrics 😂😂💀

  • wooooooow cant believe he thought he can steal lyrics from girlhefunnyaf44 AND THOUGHT WE CAN JUST LET IT SLIDE smh and the song trash.....

  • Off beat asf 😂

  • U stole from girlhefunnyaf44 and still trash 😂

  • U stealing lyrics now😂

  • . could’ve at least gave da man his CREDITS .. but you capped like you made it in sept. you DICKED OUT LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you need help. & quit RAPPING sticc to dem reacts

  • . & you still LAME ash idc

  • What you say?: "wa ya pa ya wood" like WUT ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Grimy how u take his lyrics right u got 4 mil and u give no credit to my boi girlhefunnyaf44

  • Flight bro stop stealing lyrics bro you don’t have bars if you steal it from girlhefunnyaf

  • Bro he didn’t steal it he just used every word in girlhrfunnyasf44’s song😂

  • This is sad asf he didn’t even try to hide it stole it lyric for lyric your trash kid

  • Thief

  • Depression is real. We should feel bad this guy 😂

  • 45 is too much give him 50💁🏾🤪🤣

  • This shit hit hard on mute

  • Trash

  • shit