FlightReacts NUGGETS at WARRIORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 12, 2021!

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Tra 2021.
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  • goddamn his laugh

  • you couldnt even bet cheeseaholic bro just stfu

  • so we not gon talk about 9:27...

  • W


  • No ads Flight 😂

  • 12:10 look at his full reaction.

  • i got my check

  • 1:51 jokic is 7 foot 13 😂

  • yo make discord

  • anyone here after the warriors got blown tf out

  • *D o l p h i n D r i p.*

  • This man has the most greatest intros of all time

  • he talking shit about aaron gordons Afro like flights afro was all that😭 mans looked like a straight crack head in dis bih

  • Flight showed his real laugh

  • Murray tore his acl right

  • He called Aaron Gordon a nobody

  • “Is that javale McGee, that man getting passed around like a blunt in this mufucka” 😂😂😂

  • wth happend to you voice XDD

  • s͛̐̏̇̃̒̀͑͗̉̈͗͌̈͌̀͐͋̎͋͑̋̈́̍̒͂̅̊̋̚̕̚̕͞͡͡w͊́̉̄̾̐̽́̑̆̏̋̅̂͋͛́͡͡͞i̛͐͋̓̈́̄̉͌̈́́̏̒̑̑͛͂͌̓̄̃̓͆͒̓̿̚͠͡͡͞͞ḟ̛̌̔̽̽͊̐̓̃̿͐͗͛̄̈́́̓͑͂̈́͒̂́̅̕t̛̐̔̿͗̽̿̿̑̈́̒̿́͂̉̄͋̾͊͗͐͊̌͋̈́̌̔͋̆̾́̕͝͝y̛̅̑̏̋́ s͛̐̏̇̃̒̀͑͗̉̈͗͌̈͌̀͐͋̎͋͑̋̈́̍̒͂̅̊̋̚̕̚̕͞͡͡w͊́̉̄̾̐̽́̑̆̏̋̅̂͋͛́͡͡͞i̛͐͋̓̈́̄̉͌̈́́̏̒̑̑͛͂͌̓̄̃̓͆͒̓̿̚͠͡͡͞͞ḟ̛̌̔̽̽͊̐̓̃̿͐͗͛̄̈́́̓͑͂̈́͒̂́̅̕t̛̐̔̿͗̽̿̿̑̈́̒̿́͂̉̄͋̾͊͗͐͊̌͋̈́̌̔͋̆̾́̕͝͝y̛̅̑̏̋́ when some trying to hype up the morning be like 14:06

  • Yo im still remember that try not to cry reaction and that was the best video

  • #7 on Nuggets would lock ya ass up boi quit playing, he had your boy steph in his feelings

  • Curry For MVP !

  • “And the rest of nobodies “


  • ✝️We pray that Jamal Murray has a quick recovery✝️🙏

  • Goat

  • Flight low key falling off

  • When flight think porter is Michael Carter williams

  • “The rest are nobody’s” Michael porter jr.: 👁👄👁

  • "number 0 you are a school threat."

  • 12:32 “what’s with these knee injuries, players not drinking enough milk” LOL

  • React to Jake Paul

  • wait til he discovers number eleven on the nuggets name is m.morris

  • Nico would destroy flight🤧

  • Flight you should react to Warriors vs Celtics

  • You on the scoreboard

  • forgot bol bol

  • 9:24

  • Just realized Flight looks like G-Herbo

  • jockish

  • Does he not know thats aaron gordon?

  • yooooooooooooooooo

  • bring back nba ballers

  • Flight say Jordan Poole for the warriors he actually averages like 12 points per game it’s funny

  • Man I respect flight when he sees someone get hurt. He actually cares

  • 😐

  • What happened to bol bol flight

  • his reaction is frickin wierd

  • He goes from mad at the end to becoming happy when he realizes the warriors won

  • Curry - try’s a pumpfake but his grip is a little loose and the ball spins Flight - OMG Curry just created a new basketball move, lebron could never

  • Rip jamals ACL

  • Yessir splash bro

  • What's with the knee injuries bro? Players don't drink enough milk?😂 Haha😂😂😂 hilarious 😂 But Yes, Wish Murray a Quick recovery! Nobody wants to see an injury😭

  • He forgot bol bol😔

  • 14:05

  • Day 1 til I smoke with flight

  • lol

  • niggaaaaaa curry aint number one in all time relax itl happen when he 40 lmao

  • Man flight got to respect nba players more. He delusional no cap.

  • Dump that zero.

  • For May: It’s May and hopefully this makes y’all day. like so flight sees

  • 12:50, fastest mood change of all-time.

  • flight v scalabrine it has to happen

  • Yo im a big fan of you for a year and been a warriors fan for 3years

  • Curry: *does nothing* Flight:”ohhhhhh Curry just created a whole new nba move 🤩🤩”

  • respect for flight when jamal went down.

  • Is he really this delusional? or is it an act?

  • Curry's pass: Gets tipped Flight: "Yo, Curry came up with a new move."

  • Yoooo when he was moving the camera 😂

  • When you have number 11 monte Morris’s jersey and Flight says he has no jersey sales

  • “Get off the rim before you get a tech"💀

  • Man I hate when flight says anything about sports when he’s dog water

  • Porter Micheal porter Williams dude😂

  • Number 2 on the Warriors was the number one high school player at his time he average 35+ points and could put u in a complete blender flight ahahahhahahhahahahahahah

  • Pray for Jamal Murray the warriors are gonna when !!??🤣🤣

  • i love how flight covers the score board

  • Where's the new post flight??

  • Flight gonna tell his grandchildren he was Steph Curry

  • Flight went from nooo not Jamal Murray to curry 53 yay! so quickly

  • #PrayForJamal

  • Hey I just added u from vu is this flight

  • 7:35, flights laughing at him: 12:51, flight realizing that Jamal got injured extremely concerned

  • flight Jamal Murry suffered from a torn ACL so what Klay Thompson did

  • Tbh flight just clowns the white guys in the league it’s ok tho cause you goated respect 😎

  • Ur so delusional sheeez

  • Aaron Gordon is a nobody?

  • He said Steph curry is a nobody when he crossed someone

  • Love how flight is blocking the Nuggets scoreboard

  • React to the warriors and thunder

  • Exactly salty nuggets 🤣

  • React to warriors vs thunder

  • number 0 dude ahh idk who you are u won’t b in the league in 15 days 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aaron Gordon got me dying 😭

  • Bro what he lost the ball how is that better than lebron James Career

  • what about the 32 chriss dude

  • Bro flight was definitely on adderral in this vid he would NOT stop talking lmao. He didn’t even notice curry breaking wilt’s record

  • Man flight so funny. He says he could beat NBA players lol. He would be on the ground

  • This man flight said he would take the ball from #2 on the warriors (Nico Mannion)

  • 9:25