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  • Waterburger lol

  • Curry: *makes a three* Flight: *creates a whole poem*

  • man u talking about school know days brooo

  • Flight get braids again please!!!!

  • MJ Carrer high is 69 so stfu you school threat. #Lebronisthegoatthough

  • Look at steph curry son so inspirational

  • What about Kobe man R.I.P.

  • What if flight had basketball iq

  • Look at curry men🥰

  • is there anything he said correct 😭😭

  • jordans is 69 career high but okj

  • Flight: Curry is number one of all time he has a high pts higher than the goat jordan Wilt, Kobe & Booker: Ahem u were saying?

  • We need warriors to win we also need steph to go of 15 Minutes later steph has 62

  • He doesn’t have a better career high than Jordan nor does he have more rings and he doesn’t have more than LeBron????

  • Mjs car rear high is 69

  • 11:21 Kanter really took 12 steps

  • 4:12 and that is why dame isn't better than curry or Kyrie

  • “Literally my type of layup” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Moe did you just say that he got more rings then LeBron and Michael Jordan?????

  • Did Flight Just Say Curry Has A Higher Career High Than MJ? Curry's High: 62 Jordan's High: 69

  • ayo anyone remember wilt chamberlain

  • Flight: more points than MICHAEL JORDAN. Michael Jordan:Correct that 69

  • I think flight needs rehab

  • Flight ask how much he has the person said 62 flight said 62

  • Mj career high was 69 and 63

  • "iggins wiggins of andrew"... lmao

  • Kyrie >dame yes no

  • Look at curry man so inspirational flight

  • Curry ain't even top 10 and lebron is on top 1 lebron is better


  • Flight VS Deestroying on the football field


  • Quantum physics

  • Flight: he just got a higher career high then mj Mj: I have a career high of 69🤦🏽‍♂️

  • steph curry=goat

  • Warriors are winning by 9 Meanwhile flight- “Bro warriors are winning by like 30 points”

  • Bro flights the goat

  • “Dude thinks he’s nice” flight reacts

  • Damn the cameras werent on

  • jordans career high was 69 just saying

  • Curry makes a simple 3 Flight: what a shot, dont even conpare him to lillard Lillard do a buzzer beater 3 point logo Flight: Curry can do that to

  • Flight says control your temper but if you don’t get mad he says your soft😭😂

  • Flight u should react to Jimma Gatwech the best high school dunker

  • 8:37 yo their loosing by like 30 points nice! (Loosing by 12)

  • 5:55

  • 2:13 no comment.

  • Micheal Jordan is 69

  • i was gonna jump like a dinosaur-flightreacts

  • Rip my fellow ear bud users😓

  • iam biggest of curry but mj got 69 pts but congrats to curry passes klay

  • Flights respect for curry:bro look at curry man he's so good this shot is better then LeBrons career Flights respect for rudy gobert:bro imagine getting blocked by rudy

  • Flight: HIS CAREER HIGH IS MORE THAN JORDAN Jordan’s 69 point game: am I joke to you

    • Actually Jordan said: I took that personally

  • Oubre: you chose “that lee dude” over me?

  • Kobe better😏

  • Steph curry ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • React to “AMP makes a mixtape”

  • I laugh every time I hear iggins wiggins of Andrew lmao

  • Did he forget Kobe

  • Love ur vids man

  • John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  • Nobody: Flight:I thought he was gonna make that I was gonna jump like a dinasour 😂😂

  • But yeh steph surpass lebron

  • mj is 69 pts career high

  • Has more rings than Lebron and Jordan bruh

  • Lmao mans said walked to Madagascar

  • Your so dumb curry had 62 but Michael Jordan had 69 what you mean and curry has less rings then Lebrun and Michael Jordan

  • Curry: has 3 rings. Flight: “more rings than Jordan”

  • guys I remember doing this I'm 6 grade and the cameras wasn't on social media was different

  • 9:44 that’s a 17 point lead wtf u mean 33😭😭

  • Nobody: Flight: If you are comparing lilard and saying he's better unplug your TV. Kid Watching: Throw's TV in the garbage

  • Me when i win games 13:52

  • And Kobe’s 5 rings

  • This man just ignoring Kobe’s 81😐

  • He’s so delusional that it’s awesome 🤣. I used to get irritated but, now I’ve developed an immunity to this type of shit.

  • the facts that he knows nun about the nba and he is also really bad at basketball too

  • jordan has 69 as his higest dumbass

  • cuz curry got 60 point does not mean he gonna get mvp dumbass devin booker got 70p and he did not get mvp

  • Flight: CURRY JUST PASSED MICHAEL JORDAN AND LEBRON Curry: 62 LeBron: 61 (he passed it) Michael Jordan: 69 Flight again: HE HAS MORE RINGS THAN MICHAEL JORDAN AND LEBRON Curry: 3 rings LeBron: 4 rings Michael Jordan: 6 rings

  • Jordan's career high is 69.

  • MJs carrear high is 69 btw

  • I found this page and thought to myself... How the hell this guy has 4 mil subscriber and I only have 800 talking about law and politics. Then I watched it and found out he's pretty entertaining. Very interesting to watch. Guess you should never judge a book by its cover. Keep up the good work.

  • Mj has 69

  • 6th grade flight 4”11 5ft did the same layup as curry but didn’t have the cameras on💀💀💀


  • “Has more rings than Jordan” Bruh... Jordan’s 6 for 6 💀

  • Iggy wiggins of andreww

  • flight: you know what’s crazy bro... Me: ah shiit here we go again

  • "I'm doin that in March" didn't u say that in June?? wait my bad, the cameras weren't on. my fault

  • react to ti new music vd

  • Lillard is better than curry

  • Not gon cap tho , the shots curry and Lillard be making are mf ridiculous bruh they’ll just throw it up and swishhh

  • Flight did more in 6th grade than I’ve done in my whole life🤣😂🤣 I love this dude

  • This guy has a picture of curry on the ceiling of his room so he sleep and wake up to curry😭😭


  • Curry didn’t even pass Jordan he got 62 points Jordan got 63



  • 11:43 😂

  • I just did not have the cameras on😂📷

  • “Lebron can never make that shot” Yeah and Curry can’t dunk over someone