FlightReacts WARRIORS at BULLS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 27, 2020!

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Pro 2020.
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  • 11:44 he was about to get angry at Damion Lee 😂😂

  • 1:31 There's literally someone there u should mention and it's on ur big big screen


  • Flight Draymond green would not have done that then he does it against the Spurs

  • 12:30 this didnt age well 🙁

  • We won !!! Lee dude dude made that last 3 pointer!!

  • Don’t u know all the Warriors players??

  • They was Jorden Pole who made the 3 pointer!!

  • chill man your so excited

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • FTC

  • That right there is championship defense. Next play: gives wide open layup

  • the damion lee dude😹😹

  • 12:30 that didn't age well lol

  • FTC

  • Flight:A nobody made that shit!!! Me: wait-

  • Hes rich and still aint got a decent mic

  • Stop hating on bradley beal

  • 9:02 travel

  • 11:45 omg!!!!!!! lol

  • 11:23 lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Q

  • 11:47

  • 11:44

  • Hey bro

  • hrdown.info/block/video/qJ1ssc57qryOaLs

  • Bruh you're literally trash and you dare trashtalk players

  • 6:59 💀

  • flight hates to see them lose LOL

  • Make Markkanen vs flight happen. Please. Finns want to see this😂😂😂

  • 11:41 thank me

  • 2:qp the camera wasn’t on

  • I bet Flight doesn't know Damion Lee is Steph's brother-in-law.

  • 🍑

  • 🙋

  • FTC

  • bruh the game winner had me fucking dying lmao

  • molder

  • Stephen curry:Breathes Flight:JORDAN COULD NEVER DO THAT


  • Look at laVine man so inspirational 😀

  • Look at Steph Curry's brother in law man so inspirational

  • Flight so inspirational man💨

  • Flight I'm pretty sure that that certified nobody dosent want to take your advice and won't listen to you, heck, hes probably not ganna see this video anyway!!

  • Flight just saying evry nba play that has ever existed would break your ankles with one hand and their eyes closed.

  • Flights a Curry fan not a Goldenstate fan. What annoys me about flight is that if it's not curry that's making 3's shots its a lucky nobody whos making em.

  • "Imagine banwagoning" Bro flight check your videos from just 5 years ago,it looked like you were wearing a different Jersey every video!

  • Who else disliked cus they a bulls fan 😠🤣🤣

  • Lonnny

  • This video makes me so happy 😂

  • 0:12

  • *flight ... oooooooo we won b*tch

  • He said The nobody who shot the game winner don’t do that Shii again 😭😭

  • 👍

  • You know that the guy that hit the shot is not a nobody he is curry sister boyfriend

  • Curry misses flight: its alright all time great miss more shot than curry.

  • So I was watching HRdown and my girl came and she wanted to give me some 🐱, and when we was mid doggy this video came on and when he said "flight team stand up!" Idk why maybe it was juts instincts buy I fucking pulled out and stood up needless to say she wasn't very happy

  • Is anybody wondering if flight should 1v1 ppl without the cameras cuz all these things he’s talking about without the cameras sound good with cameras he’s doing preset bad let’s just wait for march

  • Really called Lauri Markanen a nobody

  • Flight ahh funny as fuck “Give to curry give it to curry” “Lee makes the shot” “OHHHH!!!! A Nobody Made That Shit?🤣🤣🤣

  • Am I tripping or the number three dude with the ball traveled so hard? @9:00

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 9:01 is the ref blind thats a whole carry

  • If I hear flight say Zach lavon again I’m going to punch the wall it’s ZACH LAVINE

  • 8:10 stop the cap

  • curry is the goat.

  • Flightreacts Hopefully you react on another game between Portland Trail Blazers versus Golden State Warriors. It's live streamed a minute ago. The Golden State Warriors won against the Portland Trail Blazers by 15 points and the score was 121-137.For your information , Stephen Curry scored 62 points. I can't wait to see how you're gonna react to it.

  • Curry has 56 points

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  • Nobody: Flight: Jordan didn’t do that to his 7th year , Curry is in like his 10th year 😅

  • Imagine working your whole life struggling to reach one goal and you finally achieve your dreams only to be called a nobody by Duttreacts.🤔

  • The announcer said look at curry man Stealing flights Freeze dance

  • Flight was the #1 over all in 2020 but the camera wasn’t on

  • 11:46 had me dying

  • Yoo I’ll be right back take care of Jonny for me 🐕

  • "reminds me of a prime tyson chandler or walmart larry bird

  • A nobody made dat shit

  • Jesus is king

  • Flight you are so idiotic. How you gon air ball a floater and talk crap and say you gon play in the NBA. Not only that you built like stick. One wrong move and you gon crack. And Mike Tyson would knock you out bruh you’d have to wear a helmet to stay alive

  • I hope flight relize sooner or later that was curry brother in law

  • 9:01 GAHHH DAYUMM. Is that Not a Travel?😂

  • “Gets destroyed by 2 top teams in the NBA and curry looked bad” Flight: bro the first 10 games don’t count at all. Game 3: GS beat a bottom 3 team with a last second 3 Flight: THATS WHY WERE THE 2021 CHAMPS

  • Wrong channel bro

  • FLIGHT FIRST VIDEO hrdown.info/block/video/y3WdabR9Z9h9qpo

  • 11:44

  • If you're because the video you saw on tiktok its on 8:36 where he says it Thank me later

  • 8:36

  • Flight says there nobody’s because he doesn’t know who they are

  • “Look at curry so inspirational”

  • whos hers because barstool shorts

  • 8:22 reaction to anniuncer

  • 8:18

  • He said” curry nice shot in the corner like a prostitute” wtf Flight

  • flight: GIVE IT TO CURRY, GIVE IT TO CURRY, WHAT THE F**K R U DOIN?!??!?!?!?!?! Also flight: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A NOBODY MADE THAT SH*T!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



  • FTC😱

  • 11:47

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  • Didn’t flight say the turn around is a football move now he over here saying coby white getting sauced cause he did the football move I thought that was a smart move 😐